Go confidently in the direction of your dreams

Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to my journey! As a single mum I quickly realised that commuting to and from an office for work was not my jam. So what was? WORKING FROM HOME IN MY JAMMIES! That is absolutely my jam! In fact it’s my scone, my cream, and my jam!

And so I set about creating a life that I love, working on my terms; yep, from home, usually in my pyjamas, but I have the freedom to work wherever I can access wifi. I can prioritise my daughter while she is young, and enjoy every minute with her. I am embracing our modern digital world and choosing to work online. I connect with wonderful women globally, who all have a positive mindset and desire to create the life they love for themselves and their families. I can bring my dog to the office! What’s not to love?

Follow along for my journey, and reach out if you would like to know more about creating a life that YOU love.

Fiona x

Working from my pyjamas, or anywhere I can access wifi = FREEDOM

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