I would like to tell you I am inherently lazy, and therefore enjoy working from home in my pyjamas! But that is not quite true..

The truth is, I am not lazy, I am simply very fussy about how I spend my time!

Time goes by quickly and every moment is precious. As a single mother of one very beautiful daughter, I want to be there for every minute of her life that I possibly can be. So that means I must prioritise how I spend my time.

So, long days at the office? No thanks! Trapped in boring meetings when I have other things to do? Not me! Leaving my dog alone at home all day while I sit in traffic to and from an office? I would rather not, thanks for asking!

Working from home, in my pyjamas, dog by my side, available before and after school hours for my girl? Now we are talking!

Making money in the digital space? Yes please!

Learning, growing, evolving? Working with other amazing women creating lives THEY love? That is what I am about!

I look forward to sharing with you, and please feel free to email me with any questions.

Love Fiona

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