I bet that got your attention, am I right? WHAT? She got a job? What job? What does she mean she lost a job? I knew she couldn’t keep a job….

He he, you can make up all the stories you like! Here is what really happened…

A couple of weeks ago, I did get a job. A friend who knows my professional background recommended me for a job that was going. I had an interview and was successful. I GOT A JOB!

Here’s the thing though. I didn’t want a job! I have started my own business, and am also still studying, so a job was not part of my plan just yet. But, much to my surprise, it felt right. I tuned in to my intuition and it was a big YES. So I accepted the job. I did my first day, and I loved it. I was ALL IN.

And then, I lost the job! And no, it was not because of me. It was simply because what the job required was not what I could offer. My employer reevaluated and that is ok. Things change, we have to be flexible and modify as we go. That’s life!

But… I LOST THE JOB! My head was spinning for a few days. I wondered “What the hell just happened?” I got a job I didn’t want, I loved that job and discovered I did want it, and then I got fired from the job just a few days later! WHAT THE….?

So I sat with it, as I do, letting the feelings flow through me as my brain struggled to make sense of it. And then… BOOM!

I had been willing to sell my labour (that’s what a job is, really) to this organisation for about $25 per hour, for 18 hours per week. As a professional I earned significantly more than this, and even as a Yoga Teacher my income was generally between $50 and $100 per hour (though of course that is completely different in nature as it’s an hour at a time).

So, here comes the AHA..


Imagine how successful I could be if I put that same amount of time into this business that I have ALREADY INVESTED IN! Imagine how successful I could be?

Here is the thing. I can talk a lot (look at me blogging, I started just a few days ago and now I can’t stop!!). But I am also an absolute expert in procrastination. I rate myself highly at my ability to become distracted and forget why I even walked into the kitchen let alone being productive in my business. So I was talking a lot about my new biz without taking action. Or if I am honest, without really understanding the action I needed to take!

Well here we are a few weeks later and I am putting that 18 hours per week into my business. I am VERY clear on what action I need to take, and I am taking it. There are probably several more blogs on this subject, but I am going to sign off here.

I hope you got something out of it, even a chuckle. And if you did, comment below to share.

Love Fi x

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