21 years ago I lived in the rainforest of Kuranda, in Far North Queensland. It was an extremely fun and creative time in my life, where I lived simply and close to nature. So close that it was not uncommon to have snakes in my house! The houses that I lived in were so basic that there really was no way of keeping them out.

Friends of mine were organising a performance for the Kuranda Spring Fair. The brainchild of local artist Nicola Daniels, it was an ancient ritual to cleanse the energies of the town during the Fair. I was excited to be invited to join.

I was one of the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. You can see from my fabulous dress and headpiece, made by my friend Lisa, that I am Water Woman! Embodying the shimmering free flowing form of water in its natural state.

Getting a feel for my headpiece! I had to learn to dance while wearing it! (Photo Credit: Lisa Sommerlad)

I don’t remember much about the performance, because I was spinning and dancing through the whole thing. And laughing! It was incredible. The spinning took me out of my body, and in the way that the Sufi’s spin, it became a form of meditation. It was joyful and exhilarating and I certainly was ecstatic by the end of it.

In addition to the 4 elements there was a spinning chakra man, the 7 chakras with a dragon head – all represented by different creatures, the sacred tribal drummers, and the urban shamans who ran about sweeping spirits away with their brooms!

I think the expression on my face shows what an incredibly joyful experience it was! (Photo Credit: Lisa Sommerlad)

I was excited to stumble across this blast from the past, and share with you how I became water woman many moons ago. My journey has never taken me far away from nature or water; everywhere I have lived I have found a source of water to be close to. From the inner city creeks of my childhood, to pools that I swam laps in, in Toowoomba (I was so far from the ocean or rivers, I had to find pools! ), to the waterfalls of Kuranda, the creeks and rivers of the outback, to my ocean home of the last 11 years, and now to the forests and creeks of the mountain where I live.

I can’t tell you how much I love that I was water woman 21 years before I began my life as an entrepreneur and chose to affiliate with a company that produces an amazing water filter! It feels so right. I am obsessed with water!

These days I know the value of water for emotional AND physical health. Water really is the answer! Just ask water woman 🙂

To find out more about this amazing water I drink be watching for my next blog, or message me.

Love Fi

Water Woman. (Photo Credit: Lisa Sommerlad)

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