Here are some things I have come to understand about water… πŸ’¦

πŸ’§ The planet is 70% water and our bodies are 70% water…coincidence? Every cell in our bodies needs water to survive, but not all water is created equal.

πŸ’§The type of water we are drinking is so important, because water:

– Delivers oxygen to our bodies
– Nourishes our cells
– Aids in flushing out toxins
– Aids in a healthy digestive system
– Breaks down food for nutrition
– Protects vital organs from damage.

πŸ’§ The types of water we have been drinking are problematic for several reasons:


  • Tap water is stored in huge tanks, for long periods of time. It’s dead water that has been chemically treated to make it ‘drinkable’.
  • Tap water travels through underground pipes, that have been in place a very long time. Who knows how often they have been cleaned out, if ever, or what with? Or if the rust from old pipes is leaching into the water supply? Or what else is in the water, that then needs to be chemically treated to make it drinkable!


  • Plastic is without a doubt an environmental disaster. Plastic is literally choking our planet and plastic drink bottles are a huge part of the problem. I love being part of a movement that rejects single use plastic, and takes good quality water everywhere in a glass or resuable bottle. Our planet needs us find better solutions.
  • Bottled water is also dead water, that has perhaps been stored for a long time, or transported in intense heat ~ think about how hot it must get in those shipping containers, not to mention the resources required to move bottled water around the planet. The plastic bottle leeches into the water… extra toxins for your body to break down.


  • I have always loved the taste of tank water, and feeling that I was living in harmony with nature, drinking that sweet water from the sky, when I lived on tank water. However, last year I had a different experience when the tank water I was drinking had to pass through a lot of jacaranda leaves and flowers in the gutters before getting to the tank. It made me wonder if there were dead critters lying amongst the leaf litter. Or critter poo. Euw! These days new build houses must have a triple filter on their rainwater, but many older houses do not have this.
  • Tank water can be dead too if it has been sitting in an old tank for a long time.


  • I used a ceramic water filter for the last 12 years. I felt happy knowing I was filtering my water. It tasted better. I was grateful. And when I had that jacaranda rainwater I mentioned above, the filter in my ceramic water filter turned dark brown very fast, so I was grateful to have it, it was doing its job! However, filtered water doesn’t mean it’s healthy water.


  • Water filters do clean water, they remove chemicals and contaminants. But clean water does not necessarily mean healthy water!


This is why!


Kangen water is electrolysed reduced water. It is charged, antioxidant rich, alkalised and restructured (this means, micro clustered – which is easier for the body to absorb and so hydration is increased).


STAGE 1: First the tap water is filtered through high grade, double carbon, anti bacterial filter to help clean the water.

STAGE 2: The water then passes over 8 titanium plates, and is ‘charged’, creating super hydrating, alkalised, anti oxidant properties. This electrical charge is the same as the charge we get at the beach, in the forest, when we walk bare foot; negative ions leech into the body to energise us. It’s good for us! I don’t know about you, but I crave this charge, as my endless photos of beach, forest and green grass will testify!


The electrolysis device splits the water into two parts: + positive and – negative ions.

  • Increasing the hydroxide ions in negatively charged water makes the water more ALKALINE.
  • Increasing the hydrogen ions in positively charged water makes the water more ACIDIC.

So suddenly, when we use a water ioniser such as my K8, we have the capacity to make several different types of either alkaline or acidic water from the one filter! Suddenly we can replace almost EVERY TOXIC CHEMICAL in the house with WATER to meet all our household needs!!

My K8 water ioniser produces these different types of water:

  • 8.5. 9 and 9.5ph alkaline drinking water
  • 7ph clean water
  • 6ph beauty water
  • 2.5ph strong acidic water – as powerful as bleach and used for sanitising ~ this is why this medical grade machine is used in Japanese hospitals.
  • 11.5ph strong alkaline water that can emulsify water and oil and clean your fruit and veg of oil based pesticides
  • There are many more uses too! But you will need your own filter to find them out πŸ˜‰

You don’t need to build a business to buy this water filter. But if you have any interest in health or well being, or feeling truly hydrated by delicious water that is alkalised and has antioxidant properties to counter the affects of our often acidic lifestyles, then this is the filter for you!

I am not a scientist, and this is not an assignment, so I haven’t included references. Instead, this is my download! It’s my summary of all I have learned over the last 7 months on this journey of drinking Kangen water, tumbled about in my brain, and put down here in terms I can understand and share!! If you are interested in learning more about the water I can share more resources with you.

There a range of different filters of different sizes and prices, and there are also payment plans available. There are also shower filters which are honestly incredible. If you are drinking the good stuff why wouldn’t you be putting it on your skin and hair too? But I will save that for another blog! πŸ˜‰

If you would like to know more be sure to comment or message me and I will joyfully assist, and we can be water obsessed together.

Love FiπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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